How to get a high paying job in the Israeli hi-tech industry by ITC


How to get a high paying job in the Israeli hi-tech industry by ITC

Despite the skyrocketing unemployment rate in Israel due to coronavirus, the local hi-tech industry is proving its steadfastness with companies currently still hiring. Here's some hopeful news for Anglos: Did you know that it is possible to transition to a tech career without knowing any Hebrew? Read on to find out how Israel Tech Challenge (ITC) can help you with a career change that will bring you a well paid job in Israel’s fast growing tech industry.

You may not realize that there is a shortage of 15,000 data scientists in Israel—and the average starting salary for a data scientist is 22,000 NIS. Data scientists are analytical experts with technical skills. They are good at mathematics, computers, and creative problem solving. If that doesn’t sound like your skill set, there is also a demand for full stack developers—people who work with the front and back ends of websites and apps, planning and building projects with clients. Highly trained full stack developers have an average starting salary of 13,000 NIS in Tel Aviv in many different industries. Even better for new immigrants to Israel or those thinking about Aliya, Israeli hi-tech companies and startups work mainly with Europe and the US—so the majority of the work and the output is in English.

If that sounds exciting to you—read on!

Before you search for a place to retrain, you need to understand what’s most important about choosing a training program or a coding academy.

Language – Look for an academy that teaches in English since most hi-tech jobs are in English anyway, so you won’t have to break your teeth on learning a new language and a new career at the same time.

Payment Plans – Special discounts are available for new immigrants, or for people who have served in the IDF or Sherut Leumi. Be sure to take advantages of these offers, or ask about scholarships. Non-profit organizations like ITC, backed by the Jewish Agency, take the risk for pre-aliyah and post-aliyah students with an Income Shared Agreement which allows you to pay for the course after graduation when you start earning a salary.

Soft Skills Training – Once you have the know-how and the tech skills, a good program should also teach you how to write a CV and how to ace a job interview. At ITC we go one step further in order to hone the skills and work methods desired in an Israeli startup worker. ITC teaches survival skills for the Israeli hi-tech environment.

Networking – Networking is really important, especially in Israel where sometimes you feel like everyone knows everyone! For new immigrants, it’s important to get your foot in the door and a great way to start meeting people is by attending industry workshopsand small business networking events.

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