Daniel Spiro Electrician at Spirolectric


Daniel Spiro Electrician at Spirolectric

Daniel Spiro, certified electrician, construction foreman and owner of his own company, Spirolectric, which provides a broad range of electrical and construction services for domestic and commercial installations.

With over 10 years of combined Canadian and Israeli experience, Daniel is a qualified electrician, certified and registred in Israel.

Spirolectric provides the highest level of electrical and construction services, with a high level of workmanship for all the aspects required for the given project, such as major and minor renovations, general maintenance, trouble shooting and fault finding.

Spirolectric is customer service committed. Working closely with our customers we provide a tailored service to meet your specific needs, budget.

Spirolectric guarantees a reliable and professional service with work carried out with competent skill and excellence.

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