Returning Senior & Dog Need a Home


Returning Senior & Dog Need a Home

These are my needs:
  • all business communication must be in English via email, no phone calls or talking
  • no stairs at all; elevator to upper floors
  • dog must be accepted
  • I smoke
  • need wifi working before I pay rent must be  set up the day I move
  • working thermostat  air conditioning, heat
  • bathtub, I cannot stand in shower
  • desk with ergonomic office chair with arms, not a stool or hard seat
  • need clothes washer in apartment
  • need at lest one neighbor that speaks English
  • 3000-3500 ILS including tax, "Arnon" & utilities
  • must be quiet
  • furnished with bed, desk, sofa
  • must be private not shared no roommates
  • secure building
  • Haifa, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem

My needs are not negotiable. Brokers are paid when they meet my needs. Broker finds the apartment meeting my needs, I do not find the apartment. No rush. No ETA, ETA depends on when my needs are met. I will not stay in an Israeli hotel, hostel, motel and I have no family or friends to stay with. I will come only after I find the apartment and rent it, to drive directly from airport to the apartment.


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