Physical 10/05/2022 10/05/2022 Starts 11:20 Ends 17:00 150 NIS
Betar , 40 jerusalem Jerusalem

Afternoon tour in and around Yerushalayim
Tuesday, May 10
Mt. of Olives - The very best view of Har Habayit and surrounding areas. We will meet with the pioneers living in this historic and strategic spot
"Governor's Mansion" (Armon Hanatziv) - This is the classic overlook of Yerushalayim and where the Six-Day War broke out. We will visit the monument/memorial to the first of the fallen soldiers who liberated Yerushalayim.We will see the very new monument/memorial to the Jews of Muslim lands who underwent a "Naqba" in 1948 as they were attacked and plundered by their Muslim neighbors and expelled from their homes of two thousand years. We will continue to see the fascinating Herodian water system that brought water to the Temple from miles away.
Shimon  Hatzadik  neighborhood - We will witness the growing Jewish presence in this historic and "front-line" neighborhood. We will meet the brave pioneers and learn of the situation "on the ground"
"E - 1" - This is the area opposite Ma'ale Adumim that has long been zoned for its expansion. It has not been developed due to EU and US pressure in their effort to ensure a "Palestinian state" that will strangle Jewish development in the strategic ring around Yerushalayim. Amazing sunset views of Yerushalayim and the Judean desert.
Meet at the Inbal hotel at 2:00 pm
Return approx. 6:30 pm
Cost: 150 shekels
To register: [email protected]

Late start tour, Monday, May 30
For late risers, we have planned a unique opportunity We will visit two unique but very different sites today.
The very new museum and memorial site; the "Khan - Shaar Hagai "
The old Turkish "Khan" at the foot of Shaar Hagai was fought over in 1948 for control of the road to besieged Yerushalayim.The heroes who fought and sacrificed to free Yerushalayim are heralded using cutting-edge technology to tell their amazing story.
We then visit one of the most beautiful stalactite caves in the world. Words can not describe the magic wonder world below the Judean mountains accidentally discovered a few years ago. The steps down and up are gradual with lovely rest stops along the way. Depart at 11:30 from the Inbal hotel
Return at 5:00
cost: 220 shekels


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