Loving Home: a matchmaking for new immigrant


Loving Home: a matchmaking for new immigrant
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Loving Home:

The matchmaking office, for new immigrants, Sabbath-keepers, English speakers.

To avoid marriage problems, this service is designed:

* Real people. (This is not an internet site, not fake profiles).

*For singles with a permanent job who can support their family. and singles (men and women) who are busy with everyday life, even volunteering. (boredom causes many problems in married life). 

* For singles who are healthy, and emotionally mature for the task of married life.

* Singles who know the level of their religion and know what religious level of their partner they can live with, without thinking of changing the other party after the wedding.

Our service is mainly intended for new immigrants who speak English (for Hebrew speakers there are many offices for help).


Our service includes for those who register with us:

counseling and guidance, a listening ear, understanding, help in preparing for marriage, workshops. 

*Counseling and guidance after your marriage, if necessary. (Sometimes through a third party is easier for spouses to express themselves). 

We can meet in a public place over coffee face to face, and understand what you are looking for. The meeting is free of charge.

The service is for serious singles, anonymous emails will be deleted immediately. 

To make an appointment, please read everything written above carefully, and write a few words about yourself, and we will call you as soon as possible.

We wish you success, and we would love to see you build your family.

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