Seeking teletype 33 terminal


Seeking teletype 33 terminal

I'm seeking  (donation or loan welcome) to buy of rent a Teletype33 terminal, (functioning if possible but not necessary) for an online art event to commemorate Marshall McLuhan's 110th birthday on July 21st 2021.

Sponsors are also welcome.

I will replicate the original installation of the world's first (simulated) Internet cafe', then curated by Tom Marioni, that I exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Conceptual Art in September 1976 (the Rabinowitz/Galloway e-cafe only opened in LA in 1984) in my TV studio and be live for 24 hours with interventions reserved between 20:00 and 21:00 for each time zone, and the event's recording edited into a book and a documentary film.

Eliahu Gal-Or, [email protected]



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