RCCS - please join!


RCCS - please join!

Dear Friend,
Its that time of year again, when RCCS launches its yearly online campaign.

When a frightening red flag is raised, it can feel as if life is waving in the air, with nothing to hold onto and no one to hold you up. That’s what cancer does.

But we don’t stand by as life waves goodbye. Instead, we wave hello—we raise the Yellow Flag of hope, the Yellow Flag of courage, the Yellow Flag of life.

When you raise the flag for Cholei Yisroel you turn despair into hope, depression into courage, flailing into support.

We never wave the white flag. Instead, we make waves, waves of goodness and generosity that ripple across all of Klal Yisroel!

Please help me reach my goal of 1800$ by donating any amount to my page:


Let's #RaiseTheFlag for Cholei Yisroel.

Yasher Koach Tizku Lemitzvos!!


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