Before the lockdown! Massive 2nd hand book clearance sale!

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Before the lockdown! Massive 2nd hand book clearance sale!
10 NIS

Clearance 5- 10 nis book sale! Help me make room for new books (and empty overstock) for next sale. I set aside a selection of about 300 books for all ages from part 2 of the sale (which is still set up with nearly 2000 books for those that havent had a chance to browse yet. These books are 20 nis). Please share with relevant friends.
to see pictures and more details, please join this group on FB:
For Carona Precautions-
Windows are open, I will allow in only 2 people at a time (or 3 if from the same family) wearing masks. Gloves would be appreciated too.
Keep in mind if you have good condition fantasy, sc-fi or comics, you might be able to get credit. Check with me first.
When:  Till the lockdown! 
There are no set hours, I am often flexible and available between 11AM-11PM, however you must check with me before coming to confirm. Check about an hour or two before you want to come.
Best to call me to set a time: 052-3392-814.

Masaryk 4, entrance A, ground level, the door says Arye on it.