Freelance secretary looking for extra work


May 12, 2020 | Resumes | Jerusalem & Area
Freelance secretary looking for extra work

I am a freelance secretary looking for extra work,if you are opening a new business and you want your classier lables to look nice and professional, I can assist you in making your classier lables look presentable.  If you are having a dinner or an event or honoring a person , I can address your envelopes in hebrew and in English, and I can put on your ready made addressed lables onto your envelopes and do all the stuffing sealing for you.  I can also do archiving for you, for example if you are honoring at a dinner or in memory of that person , I can archive your classier and then made later into a booklet to honor that person. I can also laminate papers for business proposals and etc. If you are opening a medical clinic or need someone to manage your staff with the hours , I can organize your calender with month and the year.

I have examples to show you

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