Jerusalem for Pesach - Near Old City 2-3 Bedrooms


Jerusalem for Pesach - Near Old City 2-3 Bedrooms
700 NIS (couple/night) 3 Rooms
054-4822927 [email protected]
Arzei Habira Jerusalem

Rates differ depending on the amount of renters, so speak to me! Also, we can talk about what you need for a Pesach kitchen.

Arzei Habira consists of 7 buildings (200 frum families) situated around a park which is specifically built for the neighborhood children . This apartment is a 25 min. walk to the Kotel, within a 10 minute walk one can reach Geula and Meah Shaarim, or Ramat Eshkol. There is a light rail station on the corner of the property and several bus lines. The park area is nicely covered with trees and is kept extremely clean by the City. There are several shuls, kollels and yeshivas in the area, including Chabad, Chasidish, Mizrachi, yeshivish--one can see streimelach, kippot seruga, black hats, sheitels, turbans, and other tznius head coverings. This is a mixed all-religious neighborhood. There are two free parking lots to service the tenants. Many Kollel students rent apartments here as it is close to Mir Yeshiva, Senter’s, Dushinsky’s to name a few. Two kosher makolets (groceries) are included, one carrying the largest selection of American kosher products in Jerusalem. There is a kosher Pizza parlor and small bakery, hardware store, stock shop, shoe store, all within a 5 minute walk.

The apartment itself is clean, bright and airy. It is on the 3rd floor with a Shabbos elevator. The GLATT KOSHER kitchen is fully equipped with all appliances including separate milk and meat microwaves, two sinks, 2 separate ovens, a separate laundry with washer and dryer. Small freezer space can be provided, if requested. The living/dining room has a view of the park, great exposures and there is a nice breeze from north to south. A recliner and couch, and dining room table (seats 10) make the area very comfortable. Wifi and internet are available. The two bedrooms each have an air conditioner, twin beds (one with Israeli mattresses and one with American mattresses, closet space is provided. There is a fully insulated porch which can be used for sleeping. It also serves as a Succa (seating for 7+ ) with a removable roof.

The price is 500 NIS per night for regular nights, more for holiday nights. Contact me, and let's discuss what you are looking for!

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