Brain Care Day Center


Brain Care Day Center
054-666-3170 [email protected]
36 Malchei Yisrael, Geulah, Jerusalem Jerusalem

The Brain Care Center at Beit Tovei Ha’ir in Central Jerusalem provides professional and caring day care facilities for people living with cognitive decline. We provide:

  • Therapeutic activities including Torah learning, music therapy, arts & crafts, and gardening.
  • Multi-sensory Snoezelen Room.
  • Delicious Mehadrin lunch in a dignified setting.
  • Home visits and family advisory service.
The Brain Care Center team is made up of certified professionals who are trained to work with individuals with cognitive disabilities or impaired memory. They work with each participant to create a customized development plan to maximize their capabilities. During every activity, they make sure to preserve their dignity, strengthen their self-confidence, and make them feel comfortable and at home. The Brain Care Center operates within the Beit Tovei Ha’ir residential facility in the Geulah neighborhood of Jerusalem with convenient access.

Talk to us if you have a loved one who is experiencing memory loss, personality change, loss of language, time or location confusion, impaired judgment, or mood and behavioral changes, who has suffered brain injury or stroke, or who is showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Dementia Care. For us, it’s personal.