A few Gemachim here


A few Gemachim here

Here is a list of gemachim that pick up from your home and some that
do not:

1. Email: [email protected] - he runs a gemach and distributes
everything to kollel families who are in need. They do pick-ups.

2. Tzvika at 052-382-3247 / Rama at 052-347-4099. They run a gemach for
needy families and are always looking for clothing (babies, children and
adults), linens and blankets, electrical appliances (in working condition)
and furniture. They will come and collect it. They also have a van/truck to
help people move or transport items. Could be that they only speak Hebrew,
the person who told me about them wasn't sure.

3. Call Yad L'Yad- 02-537-1816- and ask for Chana Fogel, she might be able
to arrange for a pick-up.

5. We pick up, we are gemach that distributes clothes to extra large
families who are in need. If you might know someone who has a crib,
we are in need of one for a family with 11 kids. Simi -
[email protected] pps. We accept clothing, kosher household
appliances, small furniture, call @ 054-783-7488

6. "Amit Thrift Shop" - Rechov Yemin Avot 6, Kiryat Moshe; Collection
option; Call Bernie, after 10am; 02 654 2162

7. "Yad Latinok" - Ezrat Torah St. 26; 02 582 0437

8. Ichlu Re'im Soup Kitchen at 182 Jaffe Street (next to the gas
station) feeds 300 - 400 people daily-- they are the destitute, the
sick, the homeless, the jobless and children who have less than
enough to eat at home. Donations of clothing are accepted, which
will promptly be passed out to the needy. Thank you! EMAIL:
[email protected]


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