Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin’s Holistic Jewish Women’s Seminary


Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin’s Holistic Jewish Women’s Seminary

Elevate Your Entire Being at the only Holistic Jewish Women’s Seminary on the Land of Israel

(on-line or on-campus)

Midrestet B’erot Bat Ayin we present a unique opportunity to combine intensive textual study of Tanach, Halacha and Chassidut with creative spiritual expression. Dance, art, drama, creative writing and music are but a small sample of the modules available. Located in the heart of the Judean Mountains, Bat Ayin’s stunning landscape offers an idyllic backdrop to Torah learning.

Classes in organic gardening, herbology, Jewish sources on healing and sustainable living aid in fostering a unique connection with the Land of Israel. These are complemented by an array of classes on Jewish mysticism, Chassidism and Jewish meditation, providing students with an all-encompassing curriculum of Jewish study. Our program offers unique learning experiences for women of all ages and backgrounds including ba’alot teshuva, frum from birth, as well as women who desire to become Jewish, through our B’not Ruth program for conversion. Make the most of your learning experience in Israel and join Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin for our year-long program. Short term programs, Holiday and Shabbat-Programs are also available. Learning scholarships are available.