New Independence Day Videos


New Independence Day Videos

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed Yom Ha'atzmaut.
Today, I added new videos to the Israel video list at:

- Flags all over the Country - Yehoram Gaon singing "Eretz Nehederet"

- "Avinu Shebashamayim" - in honor of Israels 72nd Independence Day
19 cantors from around the world 

- "Ein Li Eretz Acheret" - Israeli Artists - Hebrew song

- Pikud Ha'oref: Home Movies Saluting Israel - very nice!

- IDF Independence Day Celebration
Hebrew including songs, Air Force flyovers,
how IDF is helping during quarantine, 54 minutes

-  U.S. Naval Forces Europe Band and Israel Defense Forces
Musical Tribute to Holocaust Survivor Abba Naor, 92.

- "Lo Nafsik Lashir" - Israeli Artists + Independence Show
Hebrew songs, co-ed,70 minutes

- IDF Israel's Independence Days through the Ages

- Rabbi Shlomo Katz and Moshe Kesselman Keili Niggun - Thanks to God
as IDF soldiers are seen returning to their loving and longing families.

- Rabbi Sacks: Israel, the Home of Hope

-  Rabbi Sacks on Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha'Atzmaut
in the COVID-19 pandemic 

- The Torch-Lighting Ceremony - The State ceremony marking
the switch from Memorial Day to Independence Day
on Mount Herzl Tuesday evening.
Hebrew, 2 hours 12 minutes

- International Youth Bible Quiz
Hebrew, 1 hour 58 minutes

- Israel Air Force planes pass over hospitals in Israel
to salute the medical teams - 21 minutes

-  Israel Independence Day Airshow over Hospitals 2.29 minutes

- Celebrating 72 Independence at the President's House - 61 minutes

- Yom Ha'atzmaut 2020 - Jerusalem Dancing on their Balconies

- From Remembrance to Independence:
Behind the Scenes of Israel’s Founding - English, 58 minutes

- PM Netantyahu talks about his brother 
Lieutenant Colonel Yoni Netanyahu z"l - Hebrew

-  Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Independence Day Address - dubbed English

- President Rivlin's greeting for Israel's 72nd Yom Haatzmaut / 
Independence Day

-  Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Greetings to 
International Youth Bible Quiz - Hebrew

- Bereaved Families Sing Power Rendition of Hatikvah

- Chipazon and Zehiron - Yom Ha'atzmaut - Hebrew, kids show, 20 minutes

- Heartwarming Applause for Israeli Doctors During Coronavirus

- "Ya'ale Ve'Yavo" - Kippalive

- Raanana: "Hallel" on Yom Ha'atzmaut (Hebrew prayer, 40 minutes)

- Aish: Israel: A Quick Tour through Breath-Taking Photos

- Israel Independence Day United Hatzalah 2020

- Technion Celebrates Israel Independence Day 2020

-  ALYN Hospital - Yom HaAtzmaut Sameach!

- Rishon Le'Tzion Fire Department serenades Retirement Home

- Tzipi Shavit lights an Independence Day Torch

- 92 year old Renee Abitbul, volunteers 18 years at Share Tzedek,
lights an Independence Day Torch



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