Celebrate Hebrew and Israeli culture with "Ani Israeli"

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Celebrate Hebrew and Israeli culture with "Ani Israeli"
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Hi Everyone,

It doesn't matter how much or how little Hebrew you know.

With "Ani Israeli" (I am Israeli) Hebrew University Press hottest paperback, you will quickly pick up Hebrew and at the same time experience authentic Israeli culture.

While reading “Ani Israeli” which is written in easy Hebrew, you will feel as though you are walking along the ancient streets of Jerusalem, sipping spearmint tea at a neighborhood café, shopping at the neighborhood makolet [grocery]... Stories like "The Bus Driver, The Doctor" and "A Snowy Day in Jerusalem" will warm everyone's heart!

Celebrate the Hebrew language and Israeli culture with "Ani Israeli." Pick up a copy today.

"Ani Israeli" by Leah Brodersen is available online at,


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