Updated: Chanukah Photos, Humor and Videos


Updated: Chanukah Photos, Humor and Videos

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Here are the latest additions to the Chanukah pages:

Chanukah Photo Gallery - Kinder, Mentos, M&Ms, Sufganiyot


Chanukah Humor Pages


- Current Financial Status

- Yarmulkatz Band Candle Holder

- The Orange Tabby Cat Chanukiyah

- May The Wifi Last For All 8 Nights

- Chanukiya 2020

- If 2020 was a Sufganiya

1,005 Chanukah Videos on YouTube


2020 video additions:

- DoReMi: Chanukah Songs for Kids

- Jerusalem Boy's Choir - Chanukah Medley

- Evanston Symphony Orchestra - A Chanukah Overture

- My Jewish Mommy Life: Celebrating Hanukkah at Home 2020

- What is Maoz Tzur? Eliav Friedman - Chanukah 2020

- Ofrah and Eidan: Chanukah Medley

- Frum It Up: Hanukkah Decorations

- Frum It Up: Hanukkah Treats 2020

- Mora Tsipi: Two Stories by Yael Setat

- The Magical Kitchen: Crisp Chanukah Latkes

- Piano Tutorial - Chanukah Songs

- Music with Mr. Ari: Chanukah, Oh Chanukah

- Aish Ignite Pittsburgh: Why Do We Spin the Dreidel on Chanukah?

- Simple and Tasty with Michal: Making Sufganiyot without a mixer

- Rami Levy Supermakets: Chanukah Sales

- How To Make Delicious Latkes For Hanukkah

- The Maccabean Revolt - Jewish History Lab

- Ocho Kandelikas - Isaac Zones - Ladino

- The BrickTorah Chanukah Story


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