CompuTip - FREE Up Your Internet J-265


CompuTip - FREE Up Your Internet J-265

Ever run into an Internet site which asks you to subscribe in order to see the link that you want?  These sites are using paywalls. 

If you use a site frequently, I would suggest getting a subscription.  But if it's just once....

You can use an anti-paywall Google extension. The Bypass Paywalls extension works for nearly 80 paywalls -- including some in Israel.  There are versions for Chrome and for Firefox.  And if you want to add another paywall to be bypassed, you can notify the developer.

Here's a write-up:

And here are download instructions:

Please note:  Unfortunately, I cannot take any responsibility for use of the software, directions or links suggested. I have no interest - financial or otherwise - in the software or sites listed.  Use at your own risk.

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