KeepOlim Comedy Fundraising Tour @Ranaana August 5,2021


KeepOlim Comedy Fundraising Tour @Ranaana August 5,2021
Physical 05/08/2021 05/08/2021 Starts 19:00 Ends 23:00 65 NIS

LAUGHING ABOUT ALIYAH - KEEPOLIM'S 4TH COMEDY FUNDRAISING TOUR @Ranaana to deliver good, clean laughs as part of KeepOlim's 4th Comedy Fundraising Tour!  Join us and come laugh about Aliyah, Israel,

and our lives as Olim – in support of KeepOlim vital programs and services.

The Comedy Tour will be led by 85-year-old, best-selling author, and comedian Lenny Ravich. The Tour will be starring English-language comics such as Kandi Abelson, who this month became the first Israeli comic to perform on tour in Dubai.

Funny, American, religious comics Hani Skutch and Joan Weiner will also be hopping on board and international comic from "America's Got Talent"  finalist Lioz Shem Tov. And of course, KeepOlim's own CEO and noted comic, LiAmi Lawrence, will be joining the stage for a popping set.

Opening Musical Act- Daniella and Grant Crankshaw

All comics are donating their performances to KeepOlim.

This year, we would like to highlight KeepOlim’s  Tikva for Olim Mental Health Program, KeepOlim Feeds Olim Program, and our Lone & Olim Soldiers Unit.

KeepOlim's Tikva for Olim Mental Health Program has answered the calls of over 200 desperate Olim in the past year alone, while the KeepOlim

Feeds Olim Program has distributed more than 100,000 shekels worth of food gift cards as of June 2021. Lastly, KeepOlim's Lone & Olim Soldiers Unit has provided 100+ Lone and Olim Soldiers with FREE one-on-one weekly sessions in several languages.

We are changing and saving lives every single day!

Ra'anana - Thursday, August 5th

Tickets Prices:

Very Early Bird (until 29 July) – NIS 65

Early Bird (until 4 August) – NIS 75

After 4 August and at Door – NIS 100

Refreshments available for purchase

Additionally, KeepOlim's tour  sponsor, Aura,  will be doing an exciting giveaway to a few lucky guests.

Purchase your tickets now for a chance to win!

for more info visit

KeepOlim will be conducting the show in accordance with Ministry of Health Guidelines at the time of the event.

KeepOlim (RA 580613610) is a registered non-profit organization, authorized by the Israeli Corporations Authority and the Ministry of Justice.


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