Living in a private house, big size and high quality at affordable prices. Close to all major cities


Living in a private house, big size and high quality at affordable prices. Close to all major cities
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Dam Hamacabim 36, Building Rekiah A, 4th floor מודיעין


Private houses and apartments in variety of sizes from 130-460 sqm.

Time schedule

The local committee already approved the project.

All the plans are already deposited with other necessary committees and 2/3 of the entire plans are already approved (permits are given).

Receiving the final building permits is estimated at 6-12 months.

The zoning and development time is estimated at 12 months.

The building period is estimated at 12/24 months.


At present Meny Group opened a pre-sale for the “early birds”, for only 65 units out of the entire project.

These 65 units are available at the following terms:

Land costs

NIS 4,500 (exclusive VAT, 17%) per square meter if applicable NIS 2,500 (exclusive VAT, 17%) per square meter for basement

5% management fee for the land only.

2% Attorney fee

Permit costs (only after receiving the final building permits NIS 250/m2 (exclusive VAT, 17%) is to be paid for the realized zoning and development.

Building costs (estimated)

NIS 7,000 per square meter (exclusive VAT, 17%).

Financial services

In Meny Group cooperates with banks, nonbank institutes, private institutes, insurance funds, and pension funds.

Through these channels we can provide a tailor-made financial program for the customer separately and in combination with our real estate projects.

We divided the following financial services:

  • Mortgages (regular and reverse)
  • Saving account through the insurance-and pension funds
  • Loans from the above-mentioned funds (“Piggy Account), possible in combination to use for investment in our real estate projects.
  • Loans (regular and so called ”Balloon Loans”
  • Financial investment possibilities in, and outside of Israel
  • Frequent updates on financial market situation. 
  • To get more information or get a total view of the project, WhatsApp or call John Garcia +972586690019or by mail: [email protected]


Clients Satisfaction

Meir Schrover
6 months ago

Bs'd. Chana and I have known John Garcia for quite a few years. He is known to us as an honest businessman, excelling in networking, combined with a pleasant, informal way of doing business. John is the person who dares to investigate new opportunities. Our very best regards, Chana and Meir.

chaim prins
7 months ago

I have known John for many years. He is an honest man, reliable and very professional. I have no doubt that his advice will be correct and tailored to those who turn to him. He has worked for many years in international trade and consulting and has many contacts in many countries. He did an excellent job. I highly recommend John Chaim Prins

Sam Grant
7 months ago

I know John for many years. He is fully trustworthy and has the patients to listen to your financial concerns and needs. John will be able to advise you on what investment vehicle will meet your budget requirements or what project best suits your needs currently or in the future.

David B. Wilkinson
7 months ago

After reviewing the Meny Investment Package and speaking with John Garcia on numerous occasions, this organization raises the level of integrity and passion for the Israeli real estate market.

chaim vomberg
7 months ago

Besides that they are nice people, they also know what they are doing !!