Take the SAT Instead of the English Psychometric? Yes, You Can!


Take the SAT Instead of the English Psychometric? Yes, You Can!
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Did you know that you can take the SAT exam in place of the English Psychometric and that it is accepted at most Israeli universities and at universities abroad?

Why take two exams if you are considering an undergraduate degree in Israel and perhaps overseas as well? Our students agree that the SAT is easier, especially for English speakers, and it is relevant world-wide.

We offer a FREE TRIAL LESSON so you can experience our course firsthand.

The YedaPlus comprehensive SAT course will prepare you to succeed!

Our course instructors come to you with years of professional teaching experience. They are experts in their subject matter and very knowledgeable about the new digital format. You can rest assured that you will develop the skills and strategies needed to feel confident on exam day.

Join us for either midweek or Friday courses, both taking place live in the classroom with an instructor and at the same time on Zoom for those who cannot attend in person. New courses open for each exam, but you are welcome to join at any time. Each lesson is comprised of a new topic and is recorded for your convenience to watch as often as necessary.

You will be provided with all course materials – printed and digital as well as practice exams. Once you join the course’s WhatsApp, you can choose to attend live or by Zoom each week. Missed a class? No worries – view the recording of your weekly class at your convenience.

Didn’t get the score you want? Don’t fret! Your course payment is good for a full year, which means you can repeat the course as often as you would like within that time. Many test takers opt to re-sit the exam to increase their scores.

Admissions Application Consultancy:

For those interested in pursuing their undergraduate degree abroad, YedaPlus offers admissions application consultancy as well as additional test prep courses for IELTS and TOEFL. Please contact us to schedule a FREE ORIENTATION to learn more.

YedaPlus - your first stop on the path to universities around the world!

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