Ari Fordsham

Computer Programmer

05832 76118
[email protected]


I am a self-taught computer programmer with a very broad knowledge in computer science, including many advanced topics. I have read tens of computer science books, and have acquired a thorough understanding of many topics, including good practice, encapsulation, testing, object-oriented programming, and functional programming. I have good problem-solving skills and relish finding elegant and robust solutions to hard problems.

My current main language currently is Haskell, but I have programmed in C, C++ and JavaScript. I believe I could lean any language (e.g C#, Java, PHP, Python) relatively quickly.

I have used the PostgreSQL database and the Boost C++ libraries.

I am fluent in the advanced usage of Windows, Linux and Mac.

I have particular interest and knowledge in database design and programming (SQL), parsing and graph/network data structures. I have a special passion for content filtering and network blocking/device management applications.

I have a working knowledge of Web front-end technologies, including the Vue framework, but no particular interest in this field.

My mother tongue is English, but I have a working knowledge of Hebrew.


I have very little experience developing actual projects. However, I designed the algorithm of the TranslitKit project, which can be found on Github, for a friend. (I designed the concept of the algorithm but did not actually write the code.)

I have also answered several questions on Stack Overflow, on databases and functional programming in Haskell. My SO handle is @SilverRampart.

I am now seeking part-time employment (any time of day) to enrich my experience, alongside my Yeshiva studies, in Yerushalayim. I am certainly prepared to compromise on the level of salary for the right opportunity.

The following people know me in my capacity as a programmer:

Yossi Zahn

05276 06271
[email protected]

Michoel Samuels

05832 46766
[email protected]