The Power of Words new exhibition at FOZ Museum in Jerusalem


The Power of Words new exhibition at FOZ Museum in Jerusalem
Physical 14/06/2023 31/08/2023 Starts 12:00 Ends 12:00 [email protected] 0528848210
Yosef Rivlin 20, Nahalat Shiva Jerusalem

Sayings chosen by Holocaust survivors as a way of life

Free entrance to the exhibition

“For as long as your mental and physical abilities allow, be happy and make the most of life.” “We undergo many experiences in life: always look ahead and give thanks for your family, your health, and all that you have.” “Health, a sense of humor, and optimism are the requirements for a good life.” Members of “Dolls and Dreams,” a group of Holocaust survivors, chose about 40 sayings to present in a new exhibition opening this week in the courtyard of the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, a joint effort by the group facilitated by Michal Fundaminsky and the FOZ Museum.

Michal Fundaminsky, therapist and group facilitator: “We formed the group about 12 years ago to respond to the needs of Holocaust survivors residing in Jerusalem. To my great joy, despite life’s suffering and hardships they experienced, with much wisdom, experience, good manners and values, they succeeded in distilling what is truly important, to see and learn to value the good in everything. The goal of the exhibition “The Power of Words” is, as the title suggests, is to have people stop for a moment and make a change by listening to positive words, especially in these stormy times. On a personal note, I, too, learned a real lesson about life and positive thinking, on how to transform experiences into better ones, to live in peace and love. I invite all – old and young - to visit this unique Museum – men, women, old and young

Daniel Voiczek, CEO, FOZ notes: “We are excited and very happy to be hosting such an extraordinary exhibition. We all wonder how people can continue living after impossible hardships and still develop and become empowered. This exhibition, as I see it, provides the answer. The group is made up of people each of whom have a very painful life experience, yet they are unique in their optimism, thirst for life, and active. This is a real gift, to be able to hear from them what guides them in their life at present. The FOZ-Friends of Zion Museum has been very active on behalf of Holocaust survivors in Israel and across the world, and this exhibition is just one more layer of our activities on this issue.”

Each participant’s photograph is accompanied by his/her special saying and a QR code leading to the Museum website and each participant’s personal story of survival.

The FOZ Museum Nahalat Shiva, Jerusalem is an interactive historical center making it possible for visitors to get to know the heroes and stories of dreamers, Jews and Gentiles, whose mission in life was to actively help found the State of Israel. The seven state-of-the-art audiovisual multimedia displays integrate sound, special effects, and innovative technology to highlight the heroism of non-Jews who participated in heroic deeds leading to Israel’s independence. The Museum has been actively helping Holocaust survivors in Israel and abroad. Founder of FOZ Museum Dr. Mike Evans, together with his son Michael, Jr., the current president of Friends of Israel, have established a community center for survivors in Jerusalem on the Museum campus, which includes fully equipped apartments. For years Evans has been supporting many thousands of Holocaust survivors in Israel and Ukraine. Once a month the FOZ Museum organizes activities for the survivors, including performances and events for the holidays as well as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony for survivors who were unable to celebrate before. Following the war in Ukraine, Mike and Michael Evans helped dozens of Ukrainian Holocaust survivors and their families to leave Ukraine, some of whom settled in Israel.


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