LG Q8 Just Like New Grey Metal Phone Full Info 280 sh. !!

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LG Q8 Just Like New Grey Metal Phone Full Info 280 sh. !!
280 NIS
0525448695 [email protected]

LG Q8  ( 2017 ) SmartPhone. Brand New in Box.

This is the famous, talented LG V20 ( 2016 / 160 mm. tall ) Newer and in a regular size ( 2017 / 150 mm. tall). I bought it New from KYOEX in  Japan with the name on the Box: LG V20 Pro.

Please see LG Q8 ( 2017 ) on Google for full info and pictures.

It looks similar to the BlackBerry Z10 AND the exactly the same as the LG V20.

My Receipt is for 1,280 sh. !!!!!! and this 280 sh. price is -80% !!!!.....because one finds alot of Japanese apps ( to remove or keep ) and the Carrier name , the famous Docomo, on the back of the phone and I just changed my mind, anyway. OTHERWISE !!!!!......

Otherwise !!  it is a very good phone with many high level specifications !!!!

The Extras include:

A Second Display at the top of the screen ( to find apps wherever you are in the phone) Plus: You can add or subtract your name or a phrase...

B&O Earphones and Audio; a Samsung charger; a long, braided, quality cable; and a very nice leather case.

A Very Good Phone. Android 8 with Very Good Specifications. Special Features.

32 / 4 GB, 564 High Resolution, 820 QS Processor, memory card insert, headphone insert, IP 67 dust/water resistant,  FM Radio, Dual Cameras, 3000 Battery.

Dovid, Jerusalem, 052-544-8695.

Thank You.