Central Jerusalem Rental, Succot or longer - HELP4DISCOUNT!

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Central Jerusalem Rental, Succot or longer - HELP4DISCOUNT!
2,800 NIS 1.5 Rooms
Floor 1 38 m² https://youtu.be/37tQVcOlw9E AC, Furnished Owner [email protected] Ron
10 Lincoln Jerusalem

Furnished (optional) 1.5 Room apt available for rent starting September 28th, 2023 for any period. Short periods (14 nights minimum) cost 200 Shekels per night. Long periods (four month minimum) cost 4240 per month.  OPTIONAL SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT for those who are willing and able to help my elderly mother next door. Please contact for more details.

SEE VIDEO AT https://youtu.be/37tQVcOlw9E

Note: furniture shown in the video and pictures might not be up to date.


Located in 10 Lincoln Street, (Bordering Talbieh and Rehaviah Neighborhoods), a peaceful, friendly area in the heart of the city. Adjacent to a quiet monastery. Public transportation available to any part of the city.

Walking Distance Estimates:

2 minutes to the YMCA, with a pool, gym and more;

3 minutes to the King David Hotel;

5 minutes to the Hebrew Union College;

7 minutes to the Jerusalem Great Synagogue ("Beit Haknesset Hagadol");

8 minutes to the "Mamila" shopping Mall;

12 minutes to Ben Yehuda Street (the "Midrachov", City Center) via "Gan HaAtsmaut";

25 minutes to the Western Wall (The Kotel).