CompuTip - Need to Give a Talk? N-293


CompuTip - Need to Give a Talk? N-293

Need to give a talk or write an article about Jerusalem (or any other subject)?


Need help in coming up with a catchy title or a "sexy" angle?
Here's a website which gives you 700 possible talk titles.

I decided to try it out by pretending to give a talk about Jerusalem. 

Here are some of the results:

1.   13 More Reasons To Be Excited About JERUSALEM
2.   A Beautifully Refreshing Perspective On JERUSALEM
3.   Ever Heard About Extreme JERUSALEM? Well About That.. 
4.   Anyone Who Has A Problem With JERUSALEM Needs To Know One Thing
5.   The Real Story Behind JERUSALEM
6.   Strange Facts About JERUSALEM
7.   Dreaming Of JERUSALEM
8.   Take Advantage Of JERUSALEM - Read These 10 Tips
9.   Intense JERUSALEM - Blessing Or A Curse
10.  A Simple Plan For JERUSALEM
And here are a few other results  :
1.   What Zombies Can Teach You About JERUSALEM

2.   7 Easy Ways To Make JERUSALEM Faster

3.   There’s Big Money In JERUSALEM

4.   JERUSALEM: The Samurai Way

5.   How To Lose Money With JERUSALEM

6.   Why My JERUSALEM Is Better Than Yours

7.   What You Can Learn From Bill Gates About JERUSALEM

8.   How JERUSALEM Made Me A Better Salesperson

9.   You Can Thank Us Later - 3 Reasons To Stop Thinking About JERUSALEM

10.  OMG! The Best JERUSALEM Ever! 


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