CompuTip - Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle J-297


CompuTip - Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle J-297

I turned my favorite political buzzwords into a Hebrew crossword puzzle.  This  site works in Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, etc.

Here is the crossword puzzle I created (in Hebrew).

And here is the solution (in Hebrew)

Background:  I recently spent time with my favorite 12 year old and we discovered a crossword puzzle generator – in Hebrew (and English, Russian, Arabic, etc.) which I used above. My 12 year old used it to jazz up a class project on Rabbi Elazar Ben Hourkanos. It took her less than 15 minutes to enter her words and clues. 

The big advantage of this free program is that it takes your words and arranges and re-arranges them into an appropriate crossword puzzle.  You add the clues.

I did some more research and found a really fancy crossword puzzle program in English.  It has a nice interface and lets you create many different types of puzzles – but you have to do your own layout.  Click here.

I also found a similar free program put out by the Hebrew U  that works in Hebrew over here.

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