YouTube Channel Manager


Apr 08, 2021 | Jobs | Marketing | International
YouTube Channel Manager
Part Time

About The Position

eTeacher Group is looking for YouTube channel manager that will join our Marketing team.

The YouTube Channel Manager will be responsible for the platform growth strategy, publishing strategy and content ideation across multiple YouTube channels, including uploading video’s, creating playlists, Thumbnail, description, Reporting & optimizing metadata and monitor comments and reputation.


  • Manage the day-to-day operation of Multiple YouTube channels.
  • Creation and optimization of custom metadata thumbnails and channel headers.
  • Monitor and Optimize performance on a video, format, title, Thumbnail, channel etc.
  • Ensure each video has complete and optimized components.
  • Day-to-day channel audience engagement – Comments, reputation etc.
  • Build Annual Marketing plan for all our YT channels and make sure all projects are delivering on time and creatively sound.
  • Build growth strategies to increase number of subscribers and clients per channel.
  • Optimize campaigns and Funnels to generate more leads and sales from our channels.
  • Use internal and external social analytics and other internal data to inform strategy and detect new and reactive opportunities.
  • Staying informed on You Tube latest updates, trends and new features.
  • Work with BI team to establish reporting and benchmarks.

This role is remote and therefore flexible, for applicants from: Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Only CVs in English will be considered.


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