Executive assistant (remote work-USA hours)


Executive assistant (remote work-USA hours)

QUANTAK is looking for a personal executive assistant .

We are a global entity with many successful philanthropy projects and businesses and need someone with a sixth sense,ability to manage multiple tasks successfully and commitment to a career that will be like no other. 

Your normal day will be anything but normal and structured ,You will be applied to what normally suits you the best (so please advise what are your best loved tasks and abilities and ones you dislike ) and what would be your "dream job" . This is a job with little limitations as we go the extra mile for our clients, task and projects.

In today's business world you need to be creative and reactive to stay on top , and we are looking for someone with these skills to cultivate them into a long term relationship with rewarding work and a pleasant work environment.

Someone with a professional degree preferred, who is efficient and can meet stressful deadlines with calmness and professionalism. Also you must have a american bank account or paypal and be well versed in the way business is done today.

Please review the links below and email [email protected] with updated CV and why you think this position is for you.