Office Manager


Office Manager
Full Time
Tel Aviv

The Office Manager is integral to our company’s seamless day-to-day operations. This multifaceted role encompasses coordination with multiple stakeholders, encompassing accounting practices (in conjunction with our external accounting firm), human resources activities, general office management, and direct support to our CEO.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Orchestrating routine operations within the office environment.
  • Liaising with external partners and vendors.
  • Collaborating with our bookkeeping department to ensure accurate tracking and processing of invoices and payments.
  • Facilitating HR tasks such as recruitment, onboarding, and payroll setup.
  • Providing executive assistance to the CEO.

About You:

  • Your meticulous attention to detail is matched only by your dedication to excellence.
  • You thrive in energetic, fast-paced settings and embrace the challenges of a dynamic workplace.
  • Your background includes two (or more) years in roles with administration/operational demands.
  • You bring a lively spirit to your work, fostering a supportive and positive office atmosphere.
  • You can furnish references who vouch for your professional integrity and work ethic.
  • You speak native-level English and fluent Hebrew.



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