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Packrat or Room Rejuvenator whichever you prefer to call it

Instead of waiting for Pesach or spring cleaning time to get rid of the clutter, do it now. How you do that is invite me, a former packrat, who could not throw out things before, but learned it has to be done, to come help you with it.

I know it takes hard work but you will not be sorry about the end result.

I would like you to see another room that I helped clean up for my friend because her family is going to stay with her and her husband for a few days. She wanted it to be nice for them to move around and sleep in.

So, it can be done with patience, encouragement, and time.

The donations you make can go to a charity of your choice.

So, contact Hanni at [email protected] to come help you.

I charge 40 shekels an hour. If you cannot afford that amount then I can give you a discount.

For those that do not live in Israel I can help you via skype.The payment in dollars would be $15 an hour.

It will be my pleasure to help you. 

Also, if you need helping packing when you are moving and after you move in to your new place need help unpacking I can help you with that too.

After we finish we need to give ourselves a pat on the back to say job well done!!!