CompuTip - Problems with Chrome? R-333


CompuTip - Problems with Chrome? R-333

Here are my suggestions: 


Try using Microsoft Edge -- installed automatically on all Windows 10 computers.  Or try Firefox, or some other browser.  If that, too, doesn't work, you probably have an Internet connection problem. Call your Internet infrastructure provider -- usually Bezeq or HOT.
If Edge or Firefox DOES work, then you do, indeed have a Chrome problem.  Sometimes the problem is not with Chrome itself, but with one of the extensions (aka add-ons) that have been installed to work with Chrome. 
To open up Chrome without any add-ons, open up Chrome and press CTRL+SHIFT+N.  This opens up an "incognito" Chrome window -- without any of the extensions running. “Incognito” windows are usually used to view websites with increased privacy.They minimize the digital “tracks” left on your computer.
You can also create a permanent shortcut on your desktop for opening up Chrome without extensions.  See here.
If this solves your problem, open up Chrome as usual and disable all of the extensions.  Re-enable them one-by-one (or two-by-two) until you find the extension that is causing the problem.  Update or delete it.
You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome.
For more info:
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