Global Zoom Group Meditation - Focus on Refuah (Unguided)


Apr 27, 2020 | Events | Jerusalem & Area
Global Zoom Group Meditation - Focus on Refuah (Unguided)
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Jerusalem based energy worker and life coach Rivky "The Modesty Maverick" Leibovitch is facilitating an unguided global open invite "kavannah" (focus) on the word "refuah" (healing).

Please join the Zoom call at the event time and put your microphone on mute. You may wish to enable video feed or not. Please sit in meditation and focus on the kavannah "refuah" and the channelling of our collective energy to bring healing and bounty to the world.

"Zoom bombers" and those that do not mute their microphone per host instructions may be forcibly removed from the meeting by the moderation team.

Topic: My Meeting
Time: May 3, 2020 10:00 PM Jerusalem

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Meeting ID: 778 8420 5815
Password: 6JdSeQ




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