CellTip - Android Malware Increases 50% During 2019 R-042


CellTip - Android Malware Increases 50% During 2019 R-042

If you have an Android cell phone or tablet you should have an antivirus program installed.


According to one  source , "Mobile malware attacks are booming in 2019...Researchers at Check Point warn of a 50% increase in cyber attackers targeting smartphones compared with last year.  Malware attacks against mobile devices -- and Android handsets in particular -- have rocketed this year, with hackers increasingly turning their attention to attacking smartphones with credential-theft, surveillance, and malicious advertising."

One of my favorite sites suggests downloading AVAST here. I recommend AVAST for PCs as well. It’s excellent and free – but I always tweak it after installing it on clients’ computers to scan daily, reduce ads, etc. etc.

Call or email me if you have any questions. Write me for my FREE Short Guide to Tweaking Avast - it includes information on how to remove the Avast logo at the bottom of your emails.

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