Holiday Tours in Jerusalem's Museums


Holiday Tours in Jerusalem's Museums
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The museum’s many exhibitions and overwhelming data means you cannot see and grasp it all in one visit. Making choices and using time well challenges the visitor.

How do you make your museum visit memorable and worthwhile?

I engage you with great stories connecting past to present and art to archaeology. Jewish History and Jewish values become tangible, experiential and relevant. My behind-the-scenes museum sTOURytelling™ tickles your imagination and leaves you wanting more. Exhibits coming to life in a cogent manner brings new meaning and relevance to our roots and our lives. You gain satisfying understandings and a challenge for the future.

Join me on a unique adventure, rich with learning, enjoyment and excitement!

During the holidays I offer public and private tours in the Israel and Bible Lands Museums, and in Jerusalem’s Old City. Year-round I offer on-site and virtual tours for families, communities, and schools in the world’s great museums. This winter I will guide in Atlanta, St. Louis and New York (Nov 30 - Dec 18).

Private tours range between $180-$500 (₪630-₪1750) depending on group size. Museum admission is separate.