Producer Needed for Social Justice Documentary Project


Producer Needed for Social Justice Documentary Project

Rules here don't allow hyperlinks, so please find in my YouTube Channel "pizzarebbe" (Title in Hebrew "...אליהו גל-אור פנוי ובנוי לא חו"(English subtitles) the trailer of my feature docudrama "$atan's Bank" (הוצאה לפועל) about the plague of suicides and divorces caused by financial marginalization.  I shot  sporadically during 6 years around 70 hours of exceptionally good HD footage, available for viewing by interested parties.

On May 21st 2019 terrorists set my village Mevo Modiin on fire, destroying every single possession of mine, cameras. computers and precious art and archives; I had no insurance and as of today I have not received a single shekel of compensation in cash from the government: the Director of Photography had the original material in LA and promptly sent me a replacement copy, but I live on a monthly National Insurance old age allowance of 3.150 ש"ה (as of today USD 960.00) which lasts three weeks and force to choose between food and medicines, besides begging in the street, weather permitting, to finish the month.

I have no other income or access to credit so there is no way I can afford a recent computer to process HD footage; without bank account or credit cards I cannot do a crowdfunding campaign and all I have to work with is a Sony 2004 DV cassette camera and a 2005 Mac Pro G5, so the footage is still sitting unedited.

To finish the film I need a recent camcorder and a MacPro laptop, plus software and accessories: a total budget of about $10.000 and I am offering 10% equity in the film for the use of it; the producer will retain property of the equipment to prevent confiscation by the collection authority (which is the subject of the movie, over 11 years during which I have been deprived of passport, driving permit and a normal bank account - Israel is a signatory to the Human Rights Convention whose 13th chapter guarantees the right to exit one's country, yet over 100.000 citizens are imprisoned like me within its borders while unable to earn a honest living inside them) and allow me to use it for a year to finish the film and submit it to festivals.

The ultimate purpose of the film is to lobby for a reform of Israel's Dickensian and inhuman violation of the Human rights Charter's Capter 13 by trapping citizens inside the country, and if you have a personal horror story it can help to add it to the film.

Ideally the investor becomes producer and can participate in the shooting of the final few minute of scenes and the editing; (I am 76 years old in a wheelchair after having been run over by a car; the accident has been documented but I am not suing the insurance company until I have recovered my credit rights because compensation would be otherwise be seized by the court. For the same reason, believe it or not, - I am a licensed Real Estate broker - I am not charging commission on the transactions I facilitate; according to basic law working in my profession is a right, but in order to be able to work I work for free (it still builds experience and reputation which are important business assets) because I cannot collect my commission anyway).

In 2000 I created AMEN, Association to Empower the Needy, to prevent suicides and divorces, etc... and in 2005 I opened in Jerusalem a soup kitchen with emotional rescue center at Rehov Ezrat Israel 5. My passport blockage prevented my fundraising trips and in 2012 I was forced to leave the building, which is still abandoned; AMEN continues to operate sporadically in the street, 

There are in Israel hundreds of safe houses for women, who generally end up keeping home, children and possessions, but none for men, who are summarily evicted and put in the street, with frozen bank accounts and no way to earn a living.

Israel need an emergency hostel for men made homeless in divorce proceedings, and a man's life is precious too, not just expendable.

I may be reached at [email protected] or 058-6272388 (WhatsApp)


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