Vision therapist


May 11, 2023 | Jobs | Health | Jerusalem & Area
Vision therapist
Part Time
0549689996 [email protected]
עלי הכהן, 18 ירושלים

Looking for a male interested in becoming a trained vision therapist

likes to work with children and adults one-on-one

Trilingual: English, Hebrew, Yiddish

No training/background necessary: will be trained by Dr. Tuvia Gilbert and work under his direction at the clinic

We are looking for a smart, self-motivated individual who enjoys working with children. You must be organized and able to complete specified tasks. Vision Therapists work directly with children and adults who have trouble reading, learning or performing academically due to poor visual skills. The program is highly structured by our Doctor but it can seem like "play". Our program graduates get better grades, enjoy reading, and see more clearly and comfortably than they did before.

This position does not need experience. If you are a happy, enthusiastic and positive person who is willing to learn new skills and make a difference in people's lives, we will provide you with the necessary training to become an excellent Vision Therapist! This is a great position for educators who enjoy helping people work to their fullest potential.

CV please send to email

[email protected]


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