Is the Annatel GPS Kids Watch a Gift for Parents or Children?


Is the Annatel GPS Kids Watch a Gift for Parents or Children?

Is the Annatel GPS Kids Watch a Gift to Parents or Children?

Being a parent is a difficult full-time job and unfortunately, worrying about your children is part of it.

What would you think about worrying less? 

You probably would feel better if you were able to know where your child is located at any given time or, if you werenotified whenever he came home or left school grounds.
Maybe you would like having the ability to call your child or to give him the ability to call you whenever he wants.

I know, you probably think it is a great idea, but giving your child a smartphone is not really an option as it is full of games and open to the dangers of the internet.

You simply don’t have a better solution at hand. I did however, find a solution for all of the above and even more.

It lies in a simple watch. Not that simple though as it embarks multiple sensors as well as a GPS into a color touchscreen.

Having a quick phone call is great, but this watch also allows you to exchange voice notes, just like over WhatsApp. A great alternative to lengthy conversations when you are not fully available for a call but still want to hear from your loved kids.

The geolocation allows you to check the location of your child anytime. You can also set up safety zones to get automatically alerted whenever he goes in or out one of these zones.

If you are among the parents worrying more than average, you can also monitor what is going on around your children. This function will trigger a call to your phone but the watch will remain silent. Just listen, relax and hang up.

The watch comes in two colors: blue or pink and makes a perfect gift.

Does it count as a gift to your child or a gift to us, parents? Let's say both since it made everyone happy! At least for me…

P.S. Until July 31, the watch costs 249.90 shekels and it comes with a free one-year subscription (a 199.90 shekel saving).

You can find out more on the dedicated website :