Finding Love Again for Divorced and Widowed Women 30+


Jun 25, 2023 | Events | Lessons | National
Finding Love Again for Divorced and Widowed Women 30+
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 03/07/2023 31/07/2023 Starts 19:00 Ends 20:30 540 NIS

🌟 Exciting Announcement! 🌟

A New Session of Finding Love Again for Divorced and Widowed Jewish Women over 30 is about to begin!

I'm thrilled to share that a new group will be starting on July 3rd. Please pass along this information to anyone who might be interested or could benefit from this program. Helping someone find their perfect match is a wonderful mitzvah!

The previous session of Finding Love Again just concluded, and it received rave reviews:

🔹 "Meira is an empathic coach who draws on her extensive experience to guide the healing process. This program is perfect for any single Jewish woman, divorcee, or widow looking to find the right man." - Y.B.

🔹 "Meira has a warm and caring demeanor, and her calm, soothing voice is incredibly comforting. She genuinely wishes to support women through this emotional journey." - A.H.

🔹 "The program has helped me connect with a positive reality. I used to feel connected to my ex, but now he's firmly in my past. I'm more confident and positive about my future." - J.H.

Transform Your Love Life - Divorced or Widowed Women Over 30

Introducing the Mastermind Program: Finding Love Again. Discover the transformative power of this program designed by certified life coach Meira Golbert Bar-Lev. Drawing from her personal experiences of divorce, widowhood, and remarriage, Meira offers an approach that goes beyond traditional matchmaking and dating mechanics. This program addresses the root causes of relationship obstacles, empowering you to find love again.

🌟 Gain Clarity, Make Better Choices 🌟

A vital aspect of the Mastermind Program is understanding how past choices and a lack of self-awareness may have contributed to relationship failures. Avoid choosing the wrong man for the wrong reasons. Through reflection, gain valuable insights and identify your true needs in a partner. With Meira's guidance, redefine your self-image and the qualities you seek in an ideal partner, empowering yourself to make better choices in future relationships.

🌟 Embrace a Mindset of Possibility 🌟

Countless potential partners are waiting to bring joy and fulfillment into your life. By addressing unresolved pain from the past and cultivating a positive self-image, you'll radiate attraction to the right kind of men—wonderful men who will treat you the way you deserve. This is the key to the law of attraction.

Discovering love requires the right mindset. Overcome limiting thoughts and approach dating with a proactive, open-minded attitude. With divine assistance, believe in the possibility of love and take the necessary steps to find the happiness you truly deserve.

Don't let fear hold you back any longer. Embrace this transformative journey toward love by joining the Mastermind Program today. Open your heart to new possibilities and unlock the love and companionship that await you. Your happiness is within reach.

The program runs for 5 weeks, 1 1/2 hours a week It includes group interaction and one on one interactions. The cost is only $145.00 and if payment is an issue, a payment plan can be made for you.

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Website Here: The Remarriage Website

Introduction video here: Watch the Introductory Video


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