Be a Peace Maker


Be a Peace Maker

Israel & Palestinian Peace Tracts Funding Request

Objective: To foster Peace Through Understanding using a tried and proven method, now adapted for peace. The “War Propaganda” message format used by militaries around will be utilized for Peace.

Peace Messages in the form of short stories with lots of drawings has proven very effective over the years and is most recently used by the US military in Afganistan. 


These short messages are designed for all ages and are quickly read and passed on many times before being discarded.

We plan to create 14 different Peace Tract messages. 7 will be in Arabic with unique stories for Gaza the west bank. Another 7 will be created in Hebrew to foster understanding in the Israel Hebrew community.

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We will be printing and distributing the peace tracts in Paper and electronic form as funds are available.

This is a non- controversial and extremely effective way to get the message of peace out, if that were not so, the US military would not waste the money, It works and will further the goals of fostering peace in Jerusalem and Israel. 

Please visit the site at  and click the DONATE link to include your support for this vital mission.  Thank you.



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