Summer Survival Kit For Busy Moms: 2 part series


Summer Survival Kit For Busy Moms: 2 part series

A virtual workshop with certified parenting coach: Summer Survival Kit For Busy Moms: 2 Part Series - July 25th and August 1st (Sundays) Join us from anywhere you are!: Israel: 8:30 PM, South Africa: 7:30 PM, UK: 6:30 PM, EDT: 1:30 PM, PDT: 10:30 AM
More about Malka Neustadter below.
Learn new tools how to handle challenging situations, get your questions answered. Spots are limited for a small group, don't miss this and register now! [email protected] or WhatsApp: +972 52-398-6653
*About Malka:*
"I'm Malka Neustadter, Ema of 6 kids ages 10 - 23. Before I had kids, I knew just what our family would be like. Having real kids was totally different from what I expected! I was frustrated, and wanted to know where I went wrong and how I could fix it. A "Gishat Shefer" workshop helped me understand what was going on, relieved me of a ton of worry and guilt, and showed me how to go about things in a way I felt good about. Today, we have a more cooperative, happier family and you can, too!
I love figuring out what works and sharing it with other parents; that's why I became a certified parenting coach.
I trained at Merkaz Shefer in Jerusalem and teach group workshops to parents who are ready to create meaningful, lasting change with their kids.
I will help you see where things got derailed, and how to get them back on track. You can learn to hope for the best again. You can discover yourself as a gentle, trusted leader your kids look up to and follow gladly. Sounds crazy? I've lived through it myself, and seen many other parents learn to walk the walk, and love life with their kids more than they thought was possible.
If you basically are satisfied with your life with your kids, feel free to move on
If you experience stress or conflict with them, whether they are toddlers or teens, I can help.
If you are raising kids who live at home (if they're grown and moved out, that's a different story) this coaching can help you defuse tension and promote cooperation!"