Looking for a Female Roommate in Ba'aka Jerusalem!


Looking for a Female Roommate in Ba'aka Jerusalem!
0538926037 [email protected]
106 Derech Beit Lehem Ba'aka (Jerusalem)

Hi ladies! 

I have an amazing offer in Ba'aka! I have found an awesome apartment in the heart of Ba'aka, close to the shops, idyllic streets & bus lines. I'm looking for an awesome female roommate in their 20's, who's looking to live in Jerusalem! 

It's a two bedroom place, has a lounge/dining room & kitchen, bathroom & separate toilet, and is itching to be made into a home, fun place to host meals, a chill out space for chats & tea etc. 

A bit about me... I'm an Aussie (recently made Aliyah), an English speaker, but also speak some Hebrew. I'm a creative soul, love living in a clean home with good vibes and energies. Looking for someone open minded, Shomeret Shabbat/Shabbat Respectful & Kosher. 

Please PM me or Whatsapp me if this sounds like a perfect fit for you or someone special you know! 0538926037


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