Data Entry from Home


Data Entry from Home
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We are looking for somebody with experience and references who is very meticulous at data entry. We have spreadsheets with certain rows of data, and various other values have to be researched online and accurately filled in. This job is for as many hours per day as you would like, but must be at least 3 hrs / day. The starting salary is 40 NIS/hr, and increases as your speed increases. There is an initial test of sample data which must be passed in order to qualify for the job. The test involves looking up 40 rows of data, and filling them in precisely. There is no room for error in this job. We have a folder of tutorials which you will watch in order to see exactly how to perform this job. 

The requirements are a high speed internet connection and a desktop with large monitor (for keeping two spreadsheets side by side as well as reading complex data charts; at least 1080p is ideal, a laptop is not sufficient). We are only interested in somebody with a) a few years of computer experience in an office environment, and b) employer references.


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