Jul 22, 2020 | Events | Beit Shemesh

Democracy In China, Say Amen--Mr. Stephen Bannon Reads The New Federal State Of China Declaration

On June 4th, 2020, Hao Haidong (郝海), Miles Kwok (Guo Wengui / 郭文) and Steve Bannon, proclaimed the “Declaration of New Federal State of China“, as part of the the “Whistleblower Movement” 

(Expose Revolution / 爆料革命)’s next step in the overthrowing of the Chinese Communist Party. 

Listen HERE to the Honorable Stephen K. Bannon read the New Federal State of China Declaration. 史蒂文·农先生宣读《新中国联邦宣

Citizens of Israel stand up for Freedom for the PRC.  Stand of for Democracy.  Stand up for Religious Liberties.   How much more corruption, delay and deceit can our planet, G-d's creation take?   Do we want to see another pandemic in 3 years?

    So, whenever you put on your mask, when you see others in their masks, when you can't hug your children, your grandchildren, your grandparents your spouses, your brothers and sisters and friends, 

realize and know, when you are davening or when you are not davening that the the CCCP could have stopped this virus at the source if there had been an open transparent society with freedom of the press.    

Now is the time to reflect on this situation and decide where we an open society stand. To read more, CLICK HERE.   

Blessings to all who read this or pass it on.  

This is a start of a new day in China.  Baruch Hashem

 To Read the Full Text in English, French and Spanish CLICK HERE

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