Shlomo Langer - Guitar Teacher


Shlomo Langer - Guitar Teacher

Hi, I'm Shlomo, a Jerusalemite by birth, a musician with all my might, and a music teacher - guitar, piano, composition and more.
The way I play is the way I live. Through playing I understand who I am, what is important to me, what I like, and no less important - how to express it to the world.
I learned playing on the go - years of collaboration with the best artists in Israel and hundreds of performances in the US where I developed my own way of understanding, playing, and teaching music.
I invite you to come to my studio, BEIT HAJAM in Beit Zeit, a space that encourages self-expression, creation and learning, and provides you with professional recording and playing equipment.
We will learn about the technical and theoretical aspects of playing and most importantly - how to dive in and find your music. it is there, waiting for you, for every age and every level.

Shlomo Langer 0549989096, [email protected]

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