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Starting after the Chagim: Intensive Course on Eating Disorders. There will be 18 modules taught over the course of 18 weeks.  All the lesson notes, activities and worksheets will be provided online.
The list of modules are:
Module 1: What is an Eating Disorder?
This module provides an overview of what eating disorders are, their impact, and the role of dieting and healthy weight.
Module 2: How Ready am I to Change?
This module explores preparedness to change disordered eating behaviours, and also outlines some of the treatment options for eating disorders.
Module 3: How Eating Disorders are Maintained
This module outlines some of the factors which maintain disordered eating and create a vicious cycle.
Module 4: Self-Monitoring
This module explains the importance of self-monitoring of eating behaviours, and provides a food log worksheet.
Module 5: Regular Eating and Weighing
This module provides a rationale for regular eating and weighing, along with guidelines and worksheets.
Module 6: Binge Eating, Purging and Driven Exercise
This module explains the role of binge eating, purging, and driven exercise, and how these behaviours maintain disordered eating in a vicious cycle.
Module 7: Moods and Disordered Eating
This module explores the way emotions and difficulty handling moods can affect disordered eating behaviours, along with strategies to manage moods.
Module 8: Dietary Rules
This module explores the role of dietary restriction and rules in maintaining disordered eating, along with guidelines for normal eating.
Module 9: Progress Review and Barriers to Change
This module helps you to review your progress through the modules so far and to identify any potential barriers to progress.
Module 10: Overevaluation of Weight and Shape
In this module we will explore in more detail how people with eating disorders place an unusually high value on controlling their eating, weight and/or shape, and how they judge their self-worth accordingly. We will show how this leads to an over-evaluation of control over eating, weight and/or shape, and how this preoccupation and other factors keep the disordered eating going.
Module 11: Challenging Unhelpful Thinking
This module provides information and strategies to help you start changing the thoughts associated with your disordered eating and weight control habits.
Module 12: Challenging Dietary Rules
This module introduces a range of strategies for challenging dietary rules and restriction, and food avoidance.
Module 13: Body Checking / Avoidance and "Feeling Fat"
This module discusses some of the consequences of over-emphasising shape and weight.
Module 14: Low Self-Esteem
This module explores the role of low self-esteem in disordered eating and weight control habits.
Module 15: Improving Low Self-Esteem
This module offers strategies for improving self-esteem by developing new rules for living and new, more balanced beliefs about yourself.
Module 16: What are Mindsets?
This module describes the "eating disorder mindset," a set of distorted beliefs about eating, weight and shape.
Module 17: Changing Mindsets
This module provides more strategies for replacing the old "mindset" with new, more helpful messages.
Module 18: Relapse Prevention
This module helps you develop a plan for maintaining the goals you have achieved so far and another plan for preventing relapse into old disordered behaviours and thoughts related to eating, shape and weight.