Midrasha/3-Week /Pesach /Prep Program


Midrasha/3-Week /Pesach /Prep Program
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc), Physical 01/03/2021 Starts 16:00 Ends 20:00 150 NIS


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Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin
3-Week Pesach Prep Program
Monday, March 1st – through Shabbat, March 20th
17th of Adar – 7th of Nisan
2021 / 5781


🌸Join us from the four corners of the world!
🌸Join us on zoom 9am-1:10pm EST / 4:00pm-9:10pm Israeli time
🌸Sunday through Thursday, for 14 hours a week, mini Midrasha program!
🌸Or Join us on-line for some of our class, don’t worry about the ones you miss all classes are recorded, for your viewing convenience.




🌺Who is in Israel and looking to try out a Midrasha?
🌺Our three-week mini-program starts the day after Purim and ends one week before Pesach, the perfect time to prepare our mind, body and spirit for Pesach while getting a feel for Midrasha life.
🌺Come live in the Serene Natural Setting of Bat Ayin for a Holistic, Healing, Nutritious 3-week Retreat Program
🌺Learn & Earn! Learn in our afternoon/evenings Midrasha program, and find seasonal work with local families for Pesach Holiday preparation (there is always a lot of casual work this time of year).



*Stretch your mind, body & soul through Torah learning, Prayer, Healing Movement, Song and Nutritious Meals!
*Learn Spiritual Insights about Pesach!
*Dive into the depth of the Haggadah!
*Design your own Miriam’s Drum and experience personal redemption from Mitzrayim!
*Discover the freedom in the natural beauty of the Judean foothills, hike in the tranquil hills, and breathe fresh air!
*Connect to Eretz Israel the way only a gardener can!
*Make new friends and be part of our supportive community of likeminded women!


Full schedule and registration


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[email protected] 



Don't let another holiday just pass you by, make this Pesach stand out, make it memorable, make it a Holy-Day!


Online Tuition, 14 hours a week of classes, for 3 weeks - $150 / $50 discount if you register before February, 15th.

On-Campus Tuition, 3-week, room and partial board $750 / $150 discount if you register before February, 15th.


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