English speaking


Aug 04, 2022 | Jobs | Other | Tel Aviv / Mercaz
English speaking
Part Time
0548346664 [email protected] https://insoundz.com
Lincoln 20 Tel aviv

insoundz is looking for you!

insoundz is an audio innovation company. 

For a big project we're currently working on, we're looking for native English speakers to come to our offices (located in Lev Hair) for a 10-minute speech recording.
We're paying 100 shekels per recording with BuyMe (!)
So if you have 10 minutes to spare, stop by our offices for a short recording.
Sign up via this link and we'll reach out shortly- https://forms.gle/J8n1m94aVTe6jD7EA
If you have any questions or concerns you're welcome to comment below or PM me.

*Recording will be held next week on Tuesday and Wednesday during the day (09-10.08).



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