Part Time
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In the Katamon area:

Seeking part time caregiver in the afternoon hours, 2-3 days a week, for 2-3 hours at a time. Compensation will be 40-50 shekels an hour, based on age and experience. This is for a relatively healthy 80 year old woman, Monique, who needs some help in the following areas:

*housecleaning - 3 bedroom (small size) apt, especially floors and bathrooms (1 medium sized, one small)

*assist with online grocery shopping, being there for delivery, and helping put away. Helping with purchasing other items she might need at local grocery stores or assist with other computer related issues.

*Helping to unpack items that she has from downsizing from her previous home

*General companion/helper. Perhaps assist with ironing, kitchen cleanup, companionship. Just someone to talk to and socialize with and perhaps go for walks with.

Monique is from England and speaks English, French and German and prefers a female English speaker who is also Orthodox. French or German speaker ok as long as English is also understood and the woman is Orthodox.  

Other issues might arise for Monique and she is looking for someone who can deal with them sensitively and with care and love.

Please respond to [email protected]


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