(unique) operation officer and creative,visionary opportunity at yidlink


(unique) operation officer and creative,visionary opportunity at yidlink

We are "not-for-profit" looking for the right Operating Officer (Remote Work) to assist our developing yidlink.com to the next level and leave your mark on improving the jewish business world by improving its ability to find each other and do business together.

Yidlink.com, a nascent Jewish social media platform, seeks an experienced web project manager to develop and grow its website into:

•A desirable and useful service for Jewish individuals, businesses and communities worldwide
•A go-to place for anyone seeking to be connected with professional communal,professional or varied services
•Ready to do whatever it takes to make it a winning service and a high-traffic website

Skills/Experience you require:

•Strong knowledge of the internet, social media and web advertising
•Ability to visualize, conceive and deliver on the projects start/middle/ongoing deliverables
•Liaise effectively with software programmer(s) who are working with Microsoft Azure using SQL, AngularJS and C#
•Work well alongside Yidlink management
•a quiet productive work space with at least 2-4 free hours a day.


  • Set the company's strategy and direction
  • Create and build the culture
  • Oversee and achieve mutually agreed goals


  • Previous experience with Microsoft Azure using SQL, AngularJS and C# 
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Strong integrity and accountability
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • USA Bank Account and social security number
Please email [email protected] with updated CV and why you think this position is for you,along with your starting hourly rate and available hours .


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