Avoiding Misunderstandings Seminar


Apr 29, 2023 | Events | Workshops | National
Avoiding Misunderstandings Seminar
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 02/05/2023 02/05/2023 Starts 08:30 Ends 09:30
[email protected] 052-763 7029

"That's NOT What I Meant!"
---Avoiding Misunderstandings

​given by Rabbi Shlomo Kory,
certified NLP Master-Practitioner​

Misunderstandings ​can have a​n adverse effect on our personal and professional relationships. ​They can cause ​embarrassment, ​bitterness, strained relationships​, frustration, disappointment, ​costly mistakes​......

​ ​I​n this ZOOM seminar we will examine what creates misunderstandings and how to avoid misunderstandings

T​his Tuesday evening, יא' אייר , May 2, at 8:30

The seminar is FREE. Registration is required.

For more information
or to register and receive the ZOOM link contact me: [email protected]


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